I’m 45° away from myself,
and you

I’m 45° away from myself, and you,  2020, chairs, glass vase, foam, high-heel pump, loafer, faux fur, dimensions variable

In this installation, I reference theorems and principles of topology as analogies to explore the nature of romantic relationships. Taking the topological principle that the shape and size of objects constitute no importance and only their relative positions matters, I fashion vase, doughnut, shoes, chairs as tokens and motifs of love, with no meaning ascribed to the object itself. The use of hair spreads a sense of intimacy between the objects, referencing fragments of self. It is also meant to reference the hairy ball theorem in topology, which states that it is impossible to comb a hairy ball continuously without creating a cowlick, a lock of hair that grows in a different direction as the rest and resists being combed flat. The cowlick here represents the tensions inevitable in all romantic relationships, and who is capable of altering the trajectory of the relationship and capsizing the loved subject. Quoting Roland Barthes, the amorous glue is indissoluble; one must either submit or cut loose since love is neither dialectical nor reformist. 

A further feature of this installation is that it is dynamic and meant to be interacted with, aiming to provide an external manifestation to an otherwise amorphous internal desire. There is no goal or ideal state with respect to what the installation should look like as the position and shapes of the cowlicks are permissible to change, much like our emotions and relationship with our loved ones.