Daydream, 2020, mixed-media installation containing TV, bouncy balls, ironing board, bras, speakers, printer, glass ashtray, barbie dolls, barbie doll dress, polyurethane foam, game machine handle, paper clay, laser print, golf clubs, hooks, fake eggs, glass vase, tea cups, sofa chair, claw machine grabber, oil paint, dimensions variable

Bras drawer on the ironing board, 2020, oil paint, ironing board, bras, 30 x 16 x 132cm

Santa and his reindeers, 2020, oil paint, sofa chair, fake eggs, claw machine grabber, glass vase, 78 x 65 x 85cm

Family photo, 2020, oil paint, TV, barbie doll dress, bouncy balls, tea cups, 60 x 47 x 53cm 

Sliding down the slide, 2020, oil paint, printer, laser print, 34 x 29 x 55cm

As if it’s an elephant trunk, 2020, speaker, polyurethane foam, game machine handle, paper clay, 94 x 19 x 119cm

Behind the display window, 2020, oil paint, golf clubs, fake eggs, hooks, 90 x 4 x 15cm

Roundabout, 2020, oil paint, speaker, barbie dolls, glass ashtray, 59 x 59 x 130cm

Here I seek to restore my childhood fantasies that were once forbidden, with the creative process being an enrichment of my own fullness and a formation of my personal system. I construct “bodies” out of the abandoned home appliances, furniture and other common products. In altering these materials, the objects become assemblages of fragmented utilities and amalgamates of things. In doing so, I emphasise the elements that have been glossed over due to our experience with the objects. By allowing audience and myself to look upon the familiar forms anew, I finally reasserted control over the space I have lived in.