A family gathering

A family gathering, 2020, HD video, 4:48 minutes

In this work, I seek to express the complementary relationship between ritual and communication. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family. As with most families, our daily conversations are often one-sided, with minimal expectations on its outcome. The idea of communication is greatly weakened and transformed into a performance of dramatised rituals. A set of complex symbols, or a series of calculable achievements, is established to ensure that the process is executed correctly. Ironically, activities that can add flavour to our mundane lives, and engender a sense of ceremonial formality are brushed aside by the abundance of daily trivialities.

Here I explore the hypothesis of whether space and time can be maniupated to achieve a new order within the medium of moving images. By segmenting and restructuring space, time, as well as dialogue, I artificially enhance the density of communication and the emotion ties between different characters. This renders an elevated sense of ritual in daily conversations, thereby creating a new family order in which an optimal balance between ritual and communication is achieved. I hope that my work can prompt viewers to reflect on these aforementioned questions, and respect the authenticity of emotions.